Born and raised in Rhode Island, Kohla began her career solely
   as a print model, posing for photographers looking to achieve
   certain photographs, submit for magazine publications, or merely
   just to improve and grow their portfolios. With time and
   experience however, she gradually expanded her repertoire to
   include fashion runway, fashion print,  hair modeling, and
   promo modeling; and now frequently models for various clothing
   designers, magazines and product brands in addition to
   independent photographers. Although primarily an editorial
   model, Kohla does occasionally branch out, depending on the
   needs and requirements of the job at hand, allowing her the
   opportunity to explore different avenues and take on the
   industry from a more well-rounded perspective. As of recent,
   Kayla Kohla has transitioned from a career working exclusively
   as a model to that of an actress as well. Having received
   professional acting training throughout her life starting at
   a very young age, Kohla has worked tenaciously to perfect her
   method acting, and prides herself on the level of authenticity
   she brings to her work. Having recently joined Porcelain Films,
   she looks forward to working on   various projects with them
   in the upcoming months.
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